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Apr 23, 2013 12:35am PDT
internet, homegrown with no direction from overseas. they used an al qaeda internet description of how to make a pressure cooker bomb. seth jones, a counterterror expert at the rand corporation, has analyzed the marathon attack and how it was pulled off. >> ad libbed part of it and made some decisions on a few elements of the bomb making. but what's different about this is they took a simple recipe and then targeted a -- the boston marathon. >> reporter: why the marathon? because, officials say, it was there, essentially. and easy. not long in the planning either. >> it does appear though that the younger brother had not become involved until later in the process, perhaps a week or so before the actual attack. >> reporter: jones says the brothers seemed to have been inspired by the internet preachings of anwar al awlaki, the charismatic american-born al qaeda jihadist who has been dead now more than a year and a half. >> the older brother appeared to be the more radicalized of the two and drove both the need to conduct the attack as well as the preparation of the attack, that is, b
Apr 16, 2013 12:35am PDT
earmarks of an al qaeda attack. it reminds me of what happened in times square in 2010. it could end up being someone else but it has all the indicators of being an al qaeda or al qaeda affiliated attack. >> reporter: for rebecca roach and all the runners who ran with full hearts and their loved ones who cheered them on it's so incomprehensible and so wrong. >> i just think it's horrendous. why? i don't understand. i can't find reason in it. >> reporter: so it was a day of he heartbreak here in boston and of heroism. bruce mendelson who is an army veteran was on the scene and responded. you were right at the finish line? >> i was in a post-race party at 667 boylston street on the third floor of a building. i was sitting on a couch. the first explosion knocked me off a couch on to the ground. i was with my brother who had just finished the marathon. i yelled at him to get all the people back away from the windows. and -- >> and you went down. >> he got people away from the windows and back of the building. i ran downstairs and came out on to a sheet of glass shards. there were blood smea
Apr 17, 2013 12:35am PDT
bomber tried to use one. an al qaeda internet site provides a step by step manual in how to build a pressure cooker bomb. and this demonstration video from nepal news shows their potential power. >> we find the pressure cooker bombs are used quite extensive in afghanistan and pakistan. so in other words, this is a very similar device to the ieds that we have found throughout afghanistan used to kill our soldiers. >> law enforcement officials say there is still no solid evidence that links the marathon bombs to al qaeda or to anyone else. but tuesday, there was a new plea for help in trying to identify the bomber. >> any individual who expressed a desire to target the marathon, suspicious interest in researching how to create explosive devices, the noise of explosions in remote areas prior to yesterday which may have been used as tests by those responsible for these acts. someone who appeared to be carrying a unusually heavy dark colored bag yesterday around the time of the blasts and in the vicinity of the blasts. >> reporter: the efforts to learn who is behind the bombing often req
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5 (some duplicates have been removed)